If You Want My Body – a New Musical by Kevin Bleau

If You Want My Body (music, book, and lyrics by Kevin Bleau) is a story of powerful women: an overweight legal dynamo can’t find a man; a melodramatic modern dancer can’t find the money to keep her studio. When a vengeful witch promises to solve their problems by swapping their minds, they must confront their self-identities by living in each other’s bodies.


Other People’s Problems, part 1


Other People’s Problems, part 2


Court a Man






Witch’s Spell


Don’t Be Yourself, Be Me


Nothing But The Truth


Beta Male


Act 1 Finale part 1


Act 1 Finale, part 2


Big Win


Spell Again/Melvin’s Spell


Spell Again (reprise)


Madame Tutu’s Show, part 1


Madame Tutu’s Show, part 2


Two Chiefs


Without the Facts


Don’t Be Yourself, Be Me (reprise)


Melvin’s Ultraferon Spell


Witch’s Spell (reprise)/Melvin’s Spell (reprise)


Act 2 Finale, part 1


Act 2 Finale, part 2




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